Friday, September 4, 2015

New Life, New Location

 This boy keeps a smile on our faces!   We couldn't imagine life without this sweetie!  Our lives are complete.

 Manny, celebrating his first Easter with his new Papa Gribner.  So awesome to have this time!
  So we have gotten our boy!!  The adoption is still going thru, but now its Relative placement.  A 2 year process, but he is finally here!!! 
   It is amazing to me that this process seem to drag on, but then BAM, Az calls and says come get him in January, and here we are in September.

I have said it before, I am such a bad blogger.  Life gets so wild for us sometimes.  As all of us seem to go thru phases in our marriages and our daily lives that throw us a curve.

Next post, I will tell you about how we are relocating to another county and how God is blessing us so!! 

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