Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love & Marriage and GOD

This is me and hubby.  Did I mention we have been married 23 yrs?  Well, we have.  I was reflecting on this when someone asked me how we keep it together.  First, we keep it built on Christ.  We are both strong believers and love our Lord.  Second, we have learned alot along the way.  You know, like not sweating the small stuff, not pushing each others buttons, and walking in respect towards one another at ALL times.

It wasn't easy in the beginning, we didn't have marriage counseling, I was 19, and we both are 1st born children.  He struggles with pride and I struggle with stubbornness.  Now, I can't speak for my hubby in what he feels has made our marriage stronger, but I can speak for my side.

I had to get to a place where I stopped wanting to change him, it became such an obsession for me to show him "the right way to be".  Often times I was so hurt and frustrated at him, and I couldn't understand why he couldn't be the way I wanted him to be.   One day I was crying out to God, pointing the finger at hubby saying to God "if he would just, and if he would just try to"  God said to me "why do you keep pointing at him?"  "The issue is with you"  OUCH!!!!!  Once I realized this, I took the focus off of hubby and dealt with my own heart and my own walk with God.  I began seeing my hubby the way God sees him,  I began listening to him.  Once hubby said to me "Please stop being my Holy Spirit, and let the REAL Holy Spirit speak to me"  OUCH again.  That spoke so loud to me.  Was I really assuming to be the Holy Spirit?  Was I really not trusting God enough to take control and work on hubby?  Yes and Yes!!!  So I let go!  And trust me our marriage is better for it.  Not to say we still hit bumps, but trust me the disagreements are now far and few between.

God took a scary, hurtful, heading-for-a-divorce couple, and turned us into "A Beautiful Mess"

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