Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Girl

This little girl has a birthday tomorrow! She will be 11 yrs old. Oh how time flys. I rememebr the day I had to have this child via C-section. I had pacenta previa, I had no choice in the matter, and had to deliver C-section. I was scared, I was nerveous, but when they placed her on my chest & she began screaming I was comforted. This child was doomed by the doctor while she was still in my tummy. According to the ultra-sound my baby girl was missing the 3rd chamber to her heart, and her kidneys were filled with cysts and etc. They had given me so many things that were wrong with her that he told me "I didn't have to carry her". I didn't listen, no way, this child was my gift from God. And here she is! 11 yrs old, my breath of fresh air!

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elizabeth said...

What a fabulous testimony!!!