Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disney's BRAVE

What is not to love about this movie? We have seen it twice as a family, once in 2d & 3d. Personally I preferred it in 2d. Being the mother of 4 daughters I appreciated the way they captured Meridot's dramatic personality. All 4 of my girls are very dramatic & have delivered Oscar worthy performances! I loved this movie, I laughed thru the whole thing, just enthrawled with this new Princess, LOVE LOVE her flaming hair, and that natural curl! I am a natural curly haired girl myself, so I am glad she rocked her hair the way she did. The second picture is of the Queen combing out the Princesses hair, I go thru this dramatic experience every other day with my 11 yr old, who has hair just like this princess! I cried in the end, because it is a beautiful story of mothers and daughters, I appreciate this, I so appreciate this! God is good, and thru this Disney/Pixar movie,me and my daughters had a 2 hour window of completely understanding each other, and still discuss this movie to this day! My heart is for God's will in my daughters' lives, as you mothers out there know, I contend for their souls dailey!!! I know one day they WILL get it!

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elizabeth said...

Hi Tiara! My grandkids actually got to watch this movie in Accra, Ghana and told me about it!
I LOVED your story about what daisies mean to you and why. You have an amazing testimony.