Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strawberry Jam

My family has a yearly tradion of making Strawberry Freezer Jam, one that was started by my husbands parents when he was a child. I have carried that on with my daughters. SO this last week end was very rainy here in the Northwest, so my girls were excited to get this going. We ended up making 56 cups of this jam. And what a fun time we had as a family enjoying this beautiful fruit God has given to us!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day we spent at a Car Show hubby loves to attend. It is called the Woodland Planters Day Car Show, in Woodland. The weather wasn't bad. All 4 girls were there with us, I believe hubbys had a blessed time with us. He is an amazing man to put up with 5 girls!! I love him so

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Madea Love

Images by Google. I love Tyler Perry movies, especially the Madea movies. He plays this character so well! These movies are just hysterical. Hubby and I just watched "Why did I get Married?" loved this movie!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have put this on my facebook page many times, as a reminder to myself! But, as my 4 daughters are entering their teen years alot of drama has surfaced. And with this are judgements towards others. I have been teaching my girls about how critizing and judging others isn't releasing a God blessing in their own lives! God created others, and He loves them just as deeply as He does them. I shared with my girls that I believe it hurts Father Gods' feelings when they critize others, because they are His children as well. My girls are learning, just as their mother is learning!! I want to see people thru Gods' eyes, love them thru His love, and speak to them thru Gods' mouth!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In love with a new blog

BLOG_DESCRIPTION I love this blog. I stumbled across it awhile back, just kind of lurking! I knew she was living in the same area as I. Which is nice, because then I knew what would grow here, and where to get cool things. But, what actually ministered to me, was a post she did on her marriage. I was very blessed at her honesty & transperancy about God dealing with her. There was something she posted about that her marriage counselor had spoken to her, that got right to my heart as well. It reads somewhat like this: If another human being could meet all of your needs, you wouldn't need God. That person would become your God, He would never let another person meet all your needs! Let God met all your needs, that is what He wants to do! I put this as a reminder on my phone, every morning at 6:30 when I am doing my devotions, this alerts me! Ok, now after a bit of time, I went thru her whole blog. As I saw the pictures of her family I kept saying to myself that her husband and her son-in-law & daughter looked so familiar. But, I couldn't place them. It really started to bug me, so one day I was going thru her family pictures and asked the head admin. assistant to tell me if she knew them. She was a member of our sister church forever, and knowing these people were local Pastors, I just knew she would know them. I WAS RIGHT, I have met this womans husband, son-in-law & daughter! I am the front desk receptionist and admin. assistant to our youth pastor in our church!!! Dahhhhh! I would love to meet this woman, her blog has been a true blessing to, and she is my goal as a woman her age. To enjoy my grown children, grandchildren, hubby and the people God puts before me!