Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saying Good Bye

Well, I need to say good bye here. I don't really have time to come here to post. As much as my heart is wanting too, I am just too busy now that I work at our Church. I am able to keep my Facebook current but that is about it. This Momma of 4 young ladies, is working hard to instill Proverbs 31 character into them, and I am praying and working on being the Godly wife hubby needs me to be. Then it is my church and its people I pour my life into as well as the Car Show world hubby and I are so involved with. If the future allows, I will be back, until then. Many Blessings into your lives!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well, this has been a work in progress. Due to my accident this year, the property really over grew. I got the energy one day to clear and cut away all the over grown shrubs and trees. Then........... I went shopping, shopping in Hubby's shop to decorate. And this is what came of it

Thursday, September 27, 2012

She is 18

18 years ago I gave birth to this baby girl. I remember when they wrapped her up and handed her to me, all I could see were these huge blue eyes!! And now here she is, a beautiful and intelligent young woman. She is a Senior this year, and her dad & I couldn't be more proud of her. She does her morning high school classes then heads off to Clark College for her Dental classes, just to end up the day working! God has plans for this girl, BIG plans!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Car Shows

Hubby and I are into Hot Rods and Car Shows. We have several cars we have bought and fixed up ourselves! Our girls each have one & have worked with daddy to get them to show quality. I love this! We have many good memories as a couple and as a family attending these together! And my hubby has thanked me, for making this hobby of his enjoyable, and taking pride in it as well! I sure love my man! That is him above modeling his new jacket he recently won at a local Car Show, that jacket is worth $150.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Girl

This little girl has a birthday tomorrow! She will be 11 yrs old. Oh how time flys. I rememebr the day I had to have this child via C-section. I had pacenta previa, I had no choice in the matter, and had to deliver C-section. I was scared, I was nerveous, but when they placed her on my chest & she began screaming I was comforted. This child was doomed by the doctor while she was still in my tummy. According to the ultra-sound my baby girl was missing the 3rd chamber to her heart, and her kidneys were filled with cysts and etc. They had given me so many things that were wrong with her that he told me "I didn't have to carry her". I didn't listen, no way, this child was my gift from God. And here she is! 11 yrs old, my breath of fresh air!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disney's BRAVE

What is not to love about this movie? We have seen it twice as a family, once in 2d & 3d. Personally I preferred it in 2d. Being the mother of 4 daughters I appreciated the way they captured Meridot's dramatic personality. All 4 of my girls are very dramatic & have delivered Oscar worthy performances! I loved this movie, I laughed thru the whole thing, just enthrawled with this new Princess, LOVE LOVE her flaming hair, and that natural curl! I am a natural curly haired girl myself, so I am glad she rocked her hair the way she did. The second picture is of the Queen combing out the Princesses hair, I go thru this dramatic experience every other day with my 11 yr old, who has hair just like this princess! I cried in the end, because it is a beautiful story of mothers and daughters, I appreciate this, I so appreciate this! God is good, and thru this Disney/Pixar movie,me and my daughters had a 2 hour window of completely understanding each other, and still discuss this movie to this day! My heart is for God's will in my daughters' lives, as you mothers out there know, I contend for their souls dailey!!! I know one day they WILL get it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My dad and our heritage (long post)

This is my dad, my birth father. I was not raised by him, I was raised by my step-father. I met my dad when I was 17 yrs old. Now, I have a long testimony of how I came to know Christ as my Saviour, I lived in a very abusive home with my mother & step-father, but we had TBN, and every night I would watch the "Praise The Lord" program, and I received Christ at a young age. My mother was very addicted to "street" drugs and was abusive and very disconnected from us kids. But, Father God kept His hand on me and guided me thru my childhood years. I loved Father God so much, I talked with Him every chance I got. Well...... I left home when I was 17 yrs old, the abuse was getting to be too much and I was afraid I would lose my walk with God. I be-friended a boy whose parents were Pastors in a local church, they really fed me spiritually, they didn't know I was leaving my home. I did, I moved in with a friend of mine whose parents were gracious enough to allow me in. When the Pastor's Wife heard I had left home she brought me into her home. In a talk I had with the Pastors, they were trying to figure out my family situation, when mentioning my "birth" father, his name, they both paused and asked if "so & so" was my grandmother (my dad's mom) I said yes, but I hadn't seen her for 5 yrs. They then told me a story that I will never forget as long as I live, and then I will remember when I am with the Lord. My grandmother attended their church for the past 10 yrs. Their church was open every morning at 6 a.m. for early morning prayer, all year round, they said my grandmother never missed a morning until she got sick. They continued to tell me that she always started the morning with the same list of what and whom she was praying for. I was the first one on the list they said. I was the first born grandchild and the only one not in her life on a consistent basis, so the list started with me: that I would find salvation, that I would be protected by the hand of God, that she would one day be reunited with me. Well, 2 of those were done!!! But, she passed away 6 months before this date. I have always been very thankful that I had this praying Grandmother, that she was faithful to pray for me everyday. I know, that otherwise, I would not be here! This picture is of her son, whom does not follow God! I remind my dad all the time of his heritage from his parents! That they are probably still contending for his salvation. And this is my prayer, to see my dad & step-mother come to the Lord!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Strawberry Jam

My family has a yearly tradion of making Strawberry Freezer Jam, one that was started by my husbands parents when he was a child. I have carried that on with my daughters. SO this last week end was very rainy here in the Northwest, so my girls were excited to get this going. We ended up making 56 cups of this jam. And what a fun time we had as a family enjoying this beautiful fruit God has given to us!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day we spent at a Car Show hubby loves to attend. It is called the Woodland Planters Day Car Show, in Woodland. The weather wasn't bad. All 4 girls were there with us, I believe hubbys had a blessed time with us. He is an amazing man to put up with 5 girls!! I love him so

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Madea Love

Images by Google. I love Tyler Perry movies, especially the Madea movies. He plays this character so well! These movies are just hysterical. Hubby and I just watched "Why did I get Married?" loved this movie!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have put this on my facebook page many times, as a reminder to myself! But, as my 4 daughters are entering their teen years alot of drama has surfaced. And with this are judgements towards others. I have been teaching my girls about how critizing and judging others isn't releasing a God blessing in their own lives! God created others, and He loves them just as deeply as He does them. I shared with my girls that I believe it hurts Father Gods' feelings when they critize others, because they are His children as well. My girls are learning, just as their mother is learning!! I want to see people thru Gods' eyes, love them thru His love, and speak to them thru Gods' mouth!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In love with a new blog

BLOG_DESCRIPTION I love this blog. I stumbled across it awhile back, just kind of lurking! I knew she was living in the same area as I. Which is nice, because then I knew what would grow here, and where to get cool things. But, what actually ministered to me, was a post she did on her marriage. I was very blessed at her honesty & transperancy about God dealing with her. There was something she posted about that her marriage counselor had spoken to her, that got right to my heart as well. It reads somewhat like this: If another human being could meet all of your needs, you wouldn't need God. That person would become your God, He would never let another person meet all your needs! Let God met all your needs, that is what He wants to do! I put this as a reminder on my phone, every morning at 6:30 when I am doing my devotions, this alerts me! Ok, now after a bit of time, I went thru her whole blog. As I saw the pictures of her family I kept saying to myself that her husband and her son-in-law & daughter looked so familiar. But, I couldn't place them. It really started to bug me, so one day I was going thru her family pictures and asked the head admin. assistant to tell me if she knew them. She was a member of our sister church forever, and knowing these people were local Pastors, I just knew she would know them. I WAS RIGHT, I have met this womans husband, son-in-law & daughter! I am the front desk receptionist and admin. assistant to our youth pastor in our church!!! Dahhhhh! I would love to meet this woman, her blog has been a true blessing to, and she is my goal as a woman her age. To enjoy my grown children, grandchildren, hubby and the people God puts before me!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

We had an amazing week end with our beloved friends. Both of our families go to our Beach House located in Long Beach. This is our tradion every Memorial Day! We had Clam Chowder at our favorite place, dinner at our favorite resturaunt and took in a movie "Men in Black 3" our last night together! I love this family and have been so blessed by them. When I had my accident my dear friend made dinner for my family of 6 for 14 nights afterward. She is a God-send!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

my ducks

Our ducks have grown so much since we got them. Hubby bought a pool the other day, and over our sunny week end I filled it up, can you see their excitement? I enjoy listening to them drink their water.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love this photo

I have been recently going thru this scripture daily. As I am teaching my daughters how important it is to treat each other with the grace and love God has instructed us to do, I find myself to be challenged to practice this myself, with them, hubby, people in my office and the general public!!! Blessings

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Curly hair girl

I must admit, I have a Love/Hate relationship with my hair. It is naturally curly, and over all healthy. I get many compliments on the cut,color & curls. There are just days I would love to wear it straight. But it takes alot of heat and flat ironing to make this happen, and really, damaged hair just isn't worth it. I often wonder if there are other gals out there like me, who struggle with that? Blessings for an amazing day!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Broken ankle/leg

Hello, well it has been 8 weeks since I have been on here! I broke my ankle and leg in 7 places, the most trauma this body has ever gone thru. I had to have emergency surgery to set the bones. And had to be bed bound for 5 weeks, no weight on that leg at all. I am happy to report I am now back at work, and will be in a walking cast May 5th.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Red Gingham

All pictures from Pinterest Ok it's is no joke.....I LOVE RED Gingham!!! Anything Red Gingham will do. My girls tell me I see too much red, but you know, it's my HAPPY color!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Duck Love

We got a few new ducks last night, they are so cute. The girls are too excited about these little guys.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wow, I am a bad blogger

Well, I am sad I can't be better at this blogging thing, but I blame PINTERST!

I mean seriously, I am addicted to this site, and am totally in love with it!

Anyways, I miss bloggong, I really do, so I am gonna try harder.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blessings for an amazing 2012. May this year be your best yet! I look forward to it, I am thrilled 2011 is closed. I have had a tough health year, so I am making 2012 the year I concour these issues!

I want to be a better wife in 2012
I want to be a better mother in 2012
I want to be a better daughter, friend and sister in 2012
I want to Pray more in 2012
I want to Worship more in 2012
I want to Thank God more in 2012
I want to laugh more in 2012
I want to stress LESS in 2012
I want to enjoy life in 2012
I want to Blog more in 2012
I want to scrapbook life more in 2012