Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rod Run

We are back from the Rod Run! It was so much fun and awesome to get away! We always meet up with our older friends, Gary and Doris, who are a hoot! They are both in their 70's and are just alot of fun to be around.

The top picture is of my Nephew and my oldest daughter! My nephew wanted to drive my daughters' truck so bad, so I let him. He did a good job.

It is good to get back home to. I like routine, and now we are trying to settle into one!

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pinkkandy said...

Hi Sugar Pie Sister
I saw you stopped by my blog Pink RosePetal Castle...and liked the picture of Jesus holding a little girl...I dont Know who the artist is but I love it too...I just found it on line when I was looking at images for my blog... Bless you and your family is lovely!