Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hallmark movie Anniversary

This is my oldest daughter with the Star of the movie "Chris Klein"
We bought this beautiful Hot Rod in 2005, 2 days after we bought it, the President of our Car Club called and explained to us that there was a gentleman interested in using our car for a Hallmark movie.

Well long story short---we signed a contract with Hallmark and they used our car for the opening seen in the movie "VALLEY OF LIGHT" starring Chris Klein. We were invited on set the day is was being filmed in Woodburn, Oregon. It was a wonderful experience. I took 5 rolls of film for an 8 hr shoot. But my children (and me too) were thrilled with the whole experience.

Oh and I highly recommend the movie. Hallmark produces some very family-friendly and enduring stories, this is one of them.

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