Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Dream Home

Ok I have to be honest, I love this movie.
Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. BUT, this movie captures some things I really love. No, I am not into the witchcraft. I hate this part of the movie. But, I love the story line, of the Sisters, and how much they love one another and stand for each other. But, that is not why I love the movie.

I love it for this!!!! I love this house!! My dream house! This movie was filmed here in my home state. Washington. It was filmed on Whidby Island. Which is a few hours away from me. This explains why I love the setting and the weather of this movie so.

This is the Conservatory, I want one of these!!

But, the kitchen is my FAVORITE! Oh my, look at this!!! I wan this kitchen

The kitchen is amazing. Could you imagine spending your days in here, cooking, baking, creating memories! Oh I can. I paused this movie a hundred times so hubby could see what I wanted to build!!! He wasn't much into it. Oh well, I was!!!
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Rose said...

Hi, I found your blog through DeNiece. I also am a Christian mom.Homeschooling mom. I do love the house! I have never seen the movie because of the title. I did not think watching it would be honoring to our Lord. But I think I will take a peek at it just to see the inside of their house!I really love the kitchen and the outside! My favorite Sandra Bullock movie is "While You Were Sleeping"~I watch it a week before Christmas. It is so funny and she is a great actress in it. I love the picture of thier kitchen in the movie. Thank you for sharing!! Rose