Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Yummy Dinner---EASY

Here lately I have been helping Hubby get the Hot Rod ready for the Sand Blaster. So I run in to make dinner, I need a FAST one to make.

My family loves chicken, and Alfredo Sauce, so I had made a batch of sauce up and froze it earlier in the month. Made some Whole Wheat Noodles to serve the Alfredo Chicken over, then made "Garlic Butter Monkey Bread" which is so easy too.

And to top it off we had Salad. Made this dinner in 30min with the correct preperation ahead of time. YUMMY!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Hot Rods

This is the newest Hot Rod we are working on. A Dodge Panel Truck. Hubby wants to make this the work vehicle (service truck) wouldn't this be adorable with our business name on it. Today we take it in to be Sand-blasted, then it goes in for body work. YA!!!!

Day with Hubby


Today I spend the day with hubby, doing what he loves most, His HOT RODS!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Every year, for my Mother-In-Laws' birthday, I make her a scrapbook calender. I have been making them for 10 yrs, and she loves them. So, I have been busy putting some pages together for her!
This page features my In-Laws (on the left) with my Aunt & her grandkids, they visited us in May from Arizona.

Hopefully I get a few more done and can get them on here before her birthday!!

Blessings Ladies!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine's Decorations

I have been decorating for Valentine's Day. Not much, but I had to show the two projects I have been working on.
The hearts i purchased at JoAnns' fabrics, I then took Glitter Glue and made the initials on each of them. Then hung them from a picture tree and put them in this plant container.

I love this picture frame. I bought it at a garage sale, I made the chalk board back for it to use this very way. It usually hangs in the girls' hallway, but I thought it would look cute here on the Computer desk in this display!!
Blessings to you all!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Dream Home

Ok I have to be honest, I love this movie.
Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. BUT, this movie captures some things I really love. No, I am not into the witchcraft. I hate this part of the movie. But, I love the story line, of the Sisters, and how much they love one another and stand for each other. But, that is not why I love the movie.

I love it for this!!!! I love this house!! My dream house! This movie was filmed here in my home state. Washington. It was filmed on Whidby Island. Which is a few hours away from me. This explains why I love the setting and the weather of this movie so.

This is the Conservatory, I want one of these!!

But, the kitchen is my FAVORITE! Oh my, look at this!!! I wan this kitchen

The kitchen is amazing. Could you imagine spending your days in here, cooking, baking, creating memories! Oh I can. I paused this movie a hundred times so hubby could see what I wanted to build!!! He wasn't much into it. Oh well, I was!!!
All images provided by: Amas Verita &

I have to admit, I watched the movie and fell in love with the clothing!!! The Sisters & the Aunts maintained a Romatic feel thru the whole movie with their clothing. I LOVE Sandra Bullock, so of coarse I preferred her outfits. dreamy!!!

This dress was beautiful also. I also loved the hair of the movie. SOme of the most beautiful hair in a movie!!!