Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girls Movie Night

Ok, so my oldest daughter and I had a movie night (y-e-s!) We chose this movie. I love Sandra Bullock, she is my favorite Hollywood actress, has been for years. This movie was CUTE!

I am glad we went to see it. Its a great chick flick!!


Amy said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm thinking of going to see The Proposal as well. We just saw Harry Potter today, but maybe hubby and I will go see it on date night.

I see from you blog roll you like The Farm chicks and Ruthie Ann from Warm Pie, Happy Home, which is now Sugar Pie Farmhouse... two of my favorites.


Sarah said...

Hi, Tiara! Thanks for visiting me! Our teen tiny town actually has a movie theater on the square, and the Proposal is playing right now. I will have to go see it! To answer your question about the Q-Tip game, I started doing it when I was in high school. The Q-Tips were in Mom's bathroom, so I would go get one, then forget about it and leave it on the counter. She started calling me the "Q-Tip Bandit", and we continued the game even after I left the nest. Whenever I go to her house, I always leave one in a really good hiding spot that I know she will find eventually! She may be totally busy, then find one and think of me. :)