Monday, April 20, 2009

Good bye to a sweet doggie named A.S.K.M

This is/was our chow chow A.S.K.M. he was named for the 4 initials of our girls names. We lost him this last Tuesday, while the kids were in school.
Daughter #4 posing with him. He was so good to our girls, he was very gentle with them.

This was his girl!!! Daughter #3 and he were the best of friends, they played together everyday, I have found them several times laying on the deck together, she talking to him, and he just listening.

And here he was the 3 of them, they were all playing and our friend stopped them all to take this picture.
He was struck by a car and passed 10 minutes later. We didn't know it, but he had dug a whole in the back yard and escaped under the fence. All done with in 20 minutes. I found him sitting in the front yard, trying to breathe just a minute after being hit, the woman who hit him stopped and offered her apologies. She was crying and shaking, she didn't see him.
I am praising God that all this took place just minutes before our girls were due home. When he started gasping for breath we rushed him to our emergency vet. He passed just as we coming thru the doors. I knew he was, I prayed in his ear, and released him. The vet was so good to us and offered to take care of his remains so that our children didn't see him in this condition. Plus hubby was so broken hearted he couldn't of buried him.
Well, the girls are now better, we had a hard few days. So we are starting new week, and hopefully one on a much brighter note.
Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter to you all! I pray your time with your family is amazing! I pray the Lord gives each of you a blessing of the Risen Christ!