Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A movie Night

I have family in town for the next month. My Uncle is here for his Kidney Transplant. which he came thru the surgery awesome. Now its all the stuff after. saying that, my cousin and Aunt are in town. They are all from Medford which is 4 hrs away from Portland. Well, my oldest daughter wanted to go see Bride Wars, and I wasn't too sure. I saw the trailor for it when we went to see Marley & Me, I thought it looked dumb. I am not into "Cat Fight" type movies. But..............this was a cute movie. I actually teared up in the end, and loved it all at the same time. My daughter and cousin and Aunt loved it also. So I feel it was worth it.
And....the movie was CLeaN. Imagine that, a cute chick flick that is clean. It's only rated PG

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