Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, the girls get out of school tomorrow , so I am trying to get chores finished that can't be done with them here. Our Menu will be a simple one this year, as hubby and I have started Medifast Take shape for Life diet. It is very restrictive the first 10 weeks. My In-laws and the girls will be having dinner only. I have the only kids in the family. Anyways, I am making a spread for them, but not any extras I will normally make for hubby and I.

I am excited for the holidays. I like to make a big deal about the holidays, my mother never really got into them, but my grandmother and great-grandmother made them GRAND.

I pray everyone out there in Blod land have an amazing Thanksgiving. My your families time be full of beauty.


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Heather K said...

Wow! good for you guys! But what a time of year to start!! TG and then straight into Christmas...but I guess ya could look at it the other way around...what a great time to start since all those sweets and treats are going to be everywhere you look! Anyway...I hope it goes well for you both! Take care.