Friday, September 12, 2008


BIG changes in my home have taken place. Right after our dog passed and my emotions were still so raw, we had another family emergency. My mother in law broke her hip. And will not be able to take care of herself, my father in law is in his late 70's so as you can guess he too has a difficult time. So, after speaking with hubby about this life-changing issue, we had to put our girls into school, so tha I may be able to take care of my in-laws.

The hard part about this is that I must admit I had a horrible attitude about it. I was acting selfish. I wanted to homeschool so badly, but I can't do it all either.

But, I realized that the Lord wants my obedience. And I will be blessed in having an obedient heart. I always have to realize that everything is in Gods' timing not mine.

So, I was very stinky, and had a bad attitude, and lots of emotions about my dog, my hubby took me to the beach for a week to help me clear my head. I always go to the big vast body of water, this is where I feel closest to my Father. I feel him so much in this place (hubby knew this, thats' why he took me there) I realized the creator of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, who knows just where the tide needs to stop, has my life in His hands.

Blessings all, I did take a few nice pictures while there, I'll upload when I have a chance.

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