Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saying Good Bye To Yogi Bear!!

Well at the moment I am having a hard time finding a picture of this beloved dog of ours.
Late last nite, just shortly after getting into bed, I heard a car coming down our street and heard it stop in front of our house, then heard 2 slams of car doors. I went downstairs to check and didn't hear or see anything. So, I went back to bed, but I had a restless night, very restless.
This morning at 7:30 I was awake but not feeling to good. I got a call right at that time from my neighbor lady. She said "Honey, is this your old, big red dog under our tree"
And I knew, I knew our beautiful Yogi was gone. I new the car I heard just hours before was what I feared. They hit him so hard they threw him into our neighbors' front yard. The inpact even threw his collar off his neck. He was lying there as if he were sleeping. It looked peaceful, thank God, because by them my 4 girlies saw and lost it.
My hubby is out of town, so my dad and I had to lift all 200 pounds of him into their jeep and drive them across to our property, I had to call a few men I knew to come help bury him, dad was too upset, and I couldn't do it.
I miss his big dorky face!!! He was big, but in his heart he was a little lap pup.
I have to stop, I am a mess. Please pray for my girls. He has been here for all 4 girls.


Miss A said...

Ohhhhh... I am so sorry! I know what it's like to lose a beloved family pet. Praying for you all! So sorry..... ) :

Heather K said...

aaw that is so sad!
we have a dog that is a family memeber that we've had for almost 8 yrs...since the youngest was 2. I can understand how you are all feeling. I hope you all start to feel better soon. Your Yogi bear was a cutie.
take care

Chris said...

Dear friend, I am so sorry. I'm not a dog person but I know how hard it is to lose a loved pet.