Monday, July 28, 2008

Wild Life Safari

On our way to my family reunion, we took the girls to the WildLife Safari. We love it there. These were our favorite animals. It was a perfect day, and not too many people. The only thing we missed was the Lions--which are my favorite.

Isn't she just beautiful, look at those eyes!!!!!
The bears were fun too, but we had to keep our windows up thru their cages.

Other than that, life is beautiful. We are busy doing the summer thing, I have been spending time getting my homeschooling together and ready to start here in a few weeks.

Been reading a Francine Rivers novel (my fav. Author) it is called "Redeeming Love". I have been weeding around the yard, oh and laundy, laundry, and more laundry!!!!

What have you all been uo too? Let me know!!! Blessings


First Daughter said...

Hey! I'm going to a Farmer's Mrkt. this week and I'm getting a lot of crafts ready to take out there. I'll probably be posting pictures on my blog!

Looks like a fun time at the wildlife park!

And a new look on your blog... SUPER!

momof4sweetsisters said...

8 brothers! WOW! I'm glad hubby is better. Don't worry I'll still be around.HAHA. I hope all goes well with all the church plans. We're starting school next week. Can I get a WooHoo! Blessings, Julie