Sunday, July 20, 2008

FINALLY--family reunion pictures

I finally got my pitures from this trip. ENJoy!!!!

Here I am washing the fish my dad and brothers caught that day. We had a huge fish-fry the night me and hubby and girls arrived.
These 2 boys are my baby brothers--they are the 2 youngest at 22 & 25. I have 8 brothers all together.
This is my neice (with the glasses) and my 11 yr old daughter on the 4th of July And this is my side of the family. Granny is 80, so for her birthday, we entered a float in the $th of July parade. So, on the float you see 5 generations. Starting with Granny, then, mom, her siblings (driving the truck) then me and my siblings, our families, our cousins, their families, etc.
The float was full. But alot of fun too!!!!!!
I am in the blak T-shirt, with the sun glasses, the two kids with red t-shirts are 2 of my daughters.

My oldest daughter is in the black and white hoody and daugher #2 is in the red t-shirt,sitting next to her aunt with the sign (waving)
And here is Granny---she took 1st plae for the float!!! Doesn't she look happy!!!


First Daughter said...

Wow! That looks like SUCH a fun time! What a blessing to have family times like that!

Candy said...

Looks like a nice time :)
I told you this before but I have to tell you are SOOOO pretty!!!!