Friday, July 11, 2008

A beautiful start

Well, we are well into SUMMER here, finally. We went to a 4 generation Family Reunion. In Southern Oregon for a week. My step-mothers' side of the family. My dad, step-mother, 5 brothers and me, and our families were their, as well as the other aunts and uncles. We had a great time, although I had to do most of the child-care and meal prep with the older women. I am the oldest, so it seems that that job always falls to me. My brothers' and their wifes always dissappear.
Let me put it this way---when we leave from my family--say the goodbyes--oh I love them, very much---but VERY happy the Lord chose me. I realize how blessed I am, that God takes care of me and my hubby and girls.
There was drinking every night, all night, thank God we brought our motorhome, we could escape it each night. Our 4th of July was beautiful. We loaded our Granny on her 80th birthday float, all the Grandkids and Great-Grandkids surrounded her. It was awesome, the float had at least 40 of us on it. And we took the 1st place trophy!!
I am home now, the wedding is all done. Wow, was it ever the task, but I loved it, and so did the bride. I will upload photos as soon as I get me camera hooked up.
Well, back to everyday life around here, and trying to get next years' homeschooling pulled together. Blessings to everyone.


Candy said...

Hiya T
Thanks for the comment as always. I always love hearing from you :)
Glad everything went well at the wedding.
I know what you mean about the drinking though. Some of my extended family will drink at get togethers and Im not too fond of it and always try to escape too. Were totally non-drinkers in my family. I personally dont "agree" I guess you could say with drinking though cant judge anyone who does. I also dont get why people would even want to drink. Oh well.. :)
Talk to ya soon,

momof4sweetsisters said...

Hi, Thanks for your comment. My girl's ages are 14, 10 1/2, 7 1/2, and a week away from 4. I would love to get to know you and yours! I'm pretty wiped out by Edu-Track this morning. I keep making mistakes that take gobs of time to delete.UGGHHH. I'll pop you on my blogroll so I can keep better track of you. Blessings! Julie

momof4sweetsisters said...

Edu- Track is a computer program that tracks all your school work for the year. Like a record book, but I can leave instructions for my older ones on their weekly print out. I also can print out transcrips, keep libray logs, etc. It's great because I'm not good about keeping up with it on a weekly basis. Not being computer savy poses a learning curve! I hear it's like excell, but needs some improvements.
Me, I can just turn on the internet. I'm lucky I've accomplished picture uploads to my site! HEHE.
Yes, we've homeschooled from the beginning. It has been crazy and good (mostly at the same time). But such a wonderful blessing to our family. How about you?
Your trip sounded bitter sweet...

momof4sweetsisters said...

Down Time??? What's that! JK. We srapbook also (I'm slowly sinking farther behind). It's not my first passion as far as crafting goes. Right now I'm working on embroidred pillowcases for Christmas. I really like knitting and listening to talks or music. I like baking (a true tasty downfall for me). Watching a good movie. I think we've warn out Persausian and Pride and Prejudice. My chicks have all been brought up on Mr. Darcy and Lizzy! I like gardening and being outdoors. Making our own products up. And lots of other crazy stuff!
So have you bought the books and set a start date for school? Are oldest saw from her cousins how rough school can get. Her question recently is that maybe she is to sheltered? So we've had discussions and even asked if she wanted to go HS. It's not that she's sheltered, she just more wholesome. Her cousins are living in a I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR world. I think they're are better ways of going about it and still getting were the Lord wants you to be! My oldest Chick agrees, but she does feel odd ball at times. We live in a touristy suburb near the beach. It's not like the country. (Although every area has it's own set of problems.) Are goal is a place with a change of seasons, some acreage, but not completely shut off from humanity!
How does your husband feel about you homeschooling again?
Do you have a garden? Have you ever canned?

Anonymous said...

We've used to talk about getting fainting goats if we moved to the country. What do you do with goats ie. milk, cheese, soap, or pets?

I'm so glad that Hubby is likeminded about homeschooling. That can make it a bit easier during the rough days. I hope he is feeling better.

I will say it really has brought my daughters closer together. With their ages being spread out I can really see some beautiful relationships developing (most days).

Have a great, relaxing weekend!momof4sweetsisters