Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little surprise

This is my suburban, my family car, I LOVE it. But, it is now at the body shop. My hubby and I went out of town for a church/business trip. I had arranged for a friends' 20 yr old daughter to come stay with my daughters. She had use of the Suburban to take the girls on errands and to church. And Saturday nite we get a call, while in Denver Colorado, that the girls wee hit by another car. The other person ran a stop sign, and side swiped them. No ONE was hurt praise God, but they may decided to total my truck. And at this point I have no family car. But, God is good, and I believe the best will come out of this. I am just so happy all my girls are okay.

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A Pretty Home said...

I just noticed on bloglines that you posted so I came over to say HI.
I am glad everyone was ok.

I actually just got an email about a half hour ago that my good friends son was just in an accident and his car is totalled and they are at the hospital.
Please say a prayer for them if you dont mind. Im sick to death worried.

candy :)