Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring is Here

Well, after 3 days of snow and hail, we have had some sun. It has been nice to have 60' weather. I was getting a little blue at the cold weather. The rain has started here, which came right on time, because I worked in the garden. I think the rain is to go all week-end which is okay, because everything is blooming here.

Spring Break is over this week, the girls' go back to school, but they are excited, as am I!!! I have so many "Spring cleaning" goals in mind.

I also want to start my "FIRM" workouts, a friend gave me her old videos, so I look forward to trying them. Also, I have started working on our Disney scrapbooks again, so I am thrilled.

Well, must get a jump on my day. Blessings to everyone who reads my blog.