Sunday, March 30, 2008


This was taken at Glo Golf, at our local mall. Our 3rd daughter had her 9th birthday, and we had it here. The kids loved it.
I love this one of me and hubby, look at how my highlights glo, as well as my finger nails. They are actually painted a light pink, but the glowed so awesome here. And look at my husbands' t-shirt, Jeff Gordon glows this day!!!!
Yes, it was a fun day. It was a nice change from Chuck E Cheese, for those people who know what I mean. If your local mall has one, I would recomend it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning & Our Anniversary

Hubby and I celebrate our 17th Anniversay on the 16th. I love him so. We have gone thru so much together. He is amazing and I am blessed to be by his side thru this journey of life.

He was in Idaho all week. So each day the girls and I would do Spring cleaning. Now I am tired.
But I feel so good its done.

I have been laid oss of work for the moment, so I using the time wisely, getting caught up on some very much needed duties around here.

How is everyone out there?