Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Fun

My youngest helping set the table(last years dinner)

I enjoy Valentine's Day. Maybe because I have 4 girls. Maybe because hubby always has a surprise up his sleeve!!! For the past 5 yrs. I do the same thing, decorate really cute, make chicken salad croissants, and our chocolate fountain dessert. The girls' really enjoy this. Hubby does too. And the next day, hubby and I take our "Valentine's Day". My Mother-in-Law made me this hanky doll for Valentine's Day 1992. I still have it, I bring it out every year. I am the only one who still has it. You know I feel so blessed to have people who love me, I love Valentine's Day because most of all I have a Father God who loves me soooooo much he gave His only Son for me and my loved ones. What a WONDERFUL feeling that is!!!

Until next time---oh hey if you have a chance to pick up this months Romantic Homes---Ooooo--eye candy. This is one of my favorite mags!!!

Blessings All


Heather K said...

Hi there! It was nice to hear from you!
We love Valentines Day too! We've started making it a yearly tradition to decorate and make a special dinner. I also decorate the table and have a small gift at each person's place. I'm homeschooling Janelle this year so will work our decorating into her school schedule. We're pretty good...Randal is starting back to work part time, after being off these past 2 1/2 months! I think he's pretty happy about it.
well have a great Valentines together!
take care.
Heather :)

Candy :) said...

This is so pretty!!! I love the red and white polka dot!
Love Candy

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

This is one of my favorite magazines as well--- and happy belated anniversary to you both!

Many blessings...