Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Fun

My youngest helping set the table(last years dinner)

I enjoy Valentine's Day. Maybe because I have 4 girls. Maybe because hubby always has a surprise up his sleeve!!! For the past 5 yrs. I do the same thing, decorate really cute, make chicken salad croissants, and our chocolate fountain dessert. The girls' really enjoy this. Hubby does too. And the next day, hubby and I take our "Valentine's Day". My Mother-in-Law made me this hanky doll for Valentine's Day 1992. I still have it, I bring it out every year. I am the only one who still has it. You know I feel so blessed to have people who love me, I love Valentine's Day because most of all I have a Father God who loves me soooooo much he gave His only Son for me and my loved ones. What a WONDERFUL feeling that is!!!

Until next time---oh hey if you have a chance to pick up this months Romantic Homes---Ooooo--eye candy. This is one of my favorite mags!!!

Blessings All