Friday, December 14, 2007

Happenings around here

Well, I have been working hard to get the Harvest Corp group their Christmas schedule set up, their outreaches scheduled, and their new teachers lined up for 2008. In Feb. we are bringing in a teacher of Theology, and then we all head off to Kirkland, Wa for an exciting Conference with other groups like ours. The group hosting this is called MAsters' Commission which is our sister group. I am thrilled because I get to go along, and while the students stay at the Church, my home church wants to put me in a hotel for the 3 days there----YES!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of you have not been able to read "The Shack" by William P. Young go get it! What a book, it is an amazing book. And it is set in my local area. It takes place in many of the places I myself have visited. We had the students read this book, and we are bringing in the Auther in the spring. He happens to live just across the river.

On the homefront, my girls have been sick and gotten better on time for school dramas and choirs, they are so beautiful my girls. They have each done a wonderful job on their parts. Hubby and I have gotten all shopping done, wrapped and under the tree. YES!

I am looking forward to Christmas--we have a Christmas Eve River Cruise planned for the girls' and for my In-Laws. In the 40's my mother-in-law grew up listening to the Cinnamon Bear Radio Series. When my hubby took me on a Columbia Gorge River Dinner Cruise for my B-day, they were selling tickets for a Cruise with the Cinnamon Bear. They are re-introducing the story and characters as well as a new book. So I told hubby we had to take his mother on this--so we chose to make it a family gift. It is a surprise to our girls and the grandparents. My mother-in-law broke her hip 1 yr ago, and her shoulder 2 yrs. ago. She hasn'e been the same since, we see her maybe once a month and she has been very depressed, the falls have aged her 2o yrs I think. I hoping this Christmas Cruise will lift her spirits.

Christmas day is always the same---at my house---I make a big breakfast, we open gifts, spend the day together and then make a big Prime Rib for dinner. Dinner time my hubbys' sister and her husband come over as well as his cousin and her 6 kids. My house is full----and I wouldn't have it any other way!

God has been so good to us this year. I feel so blessed at the beautiful life I have! It's not perfect, but it's blessed!

Blessings to you all!

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Heather K said...

Hi there!
Happy New Year!! That cruise must have been awesome!! What a fun surprise for everyone...especially your mil!
You mentioned Master's Commission...that pretty interesting! My brother runs Master's Commission at their church in Courtenay British Columbia..I don't imagine you know him do you? his name is Craig..he pastors at their church there...I hesitate to give his last name on here...since it is a public blog...but the connection is pretty cool!