Thursday, December 6, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Here at my house we have spent the last two weekends getting the tree up and lights around the house. It is beautiful.

Though, I live two hours away from Vernonia, the town on the news that was completely flooded this last week-end, the devastation is so real. Here in Vancouver everyone is working hard to get groceries and toiletries to the town, they are also sending local daycare services, as all the schools are closed until January. Everyone there lost Christmas gifts and such so here people are trying to get the local Toys For Tots to expand their services to include trees and gifts for the adults.

I was thinking today as I rose early, making hot chocolate for everyone as they woke, how SO VERY blessed I am, I have never known this kind of devastation, and how would I react if this was my town to be flooded and my kids who lost everything. My mind can't even comprehend this.

Please pray for everyone here. They are saying the rains are headed back in, so the river that overflowed could rise again, these poor people need time to heal.

Blessings everyone, I am so enjoying all of your blogs, even though I can't leave comments to often.

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Heather K said...

Hey--how are ya doing?? It sounds like you're enjoying the job more all the time! How is the family? Things are pretty good here...except for my Mother in law went into hospital to have a bloodclot removed from her leg surgically for the 16th if you don't mind praying for Flo that would be great.
But on a different note...I just found mouse poo all over my kitchen when I got home last night...we were all gone for the day and it seems we were overrun! YUCK!! Anyway...just wanted to check in on ya and see how you're doing....
Have an awesome CHRISTmas!!