Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fall Blessings

This photo was taken in Yreka, California. From our Vacation in July. I love this train, it was a wonderful ride for us all.

Work is going very well. I have met so many people and am having an awesome time with the two ministries I work with. It is also amazing to see God transform so many lives in so many ways.

I have 4 days off in a row, so we began by deep cleaning every room. Getting all the laundry done WOOHOO! I made a big meal for the family and loved it. I also just got the notice that I have Nov.19-23rd off also. So WOOHOO again, I feel so blessed. I have decided to have some fun times with the 4 girls, doing crafts, some cooking and maybe take in a movie.

How are all of you?


Heather K said...

Hey there...good to see you! It sounds like life is good for you!! Glad to hear that the job is working out so well for you!
take care

Heather K said...

come see my latest post..

Cymraes said...

Wow, I love the engine!! Both my father and granfather worked on the railways!
I'm so glad that your job is going well. I'm glad that you're not going to spend all your days off working in the house!!
You are all in my prayers.
Love, Chris

Jolene George said...

oh my gosh....I LOVE that train!
So glad you're getting some time off to enjoy fun things with the girls.