Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disney Princesses

In all fairness I added one for my tomboy daughter. She suffered thru all the Princess stuff, I thought I would add this one for her.

This daughter is the closest I'll ever get to a boy. I was reading Jolene Georges' blog and she talked about not having the chance to do the girlie thing (she has 5 sons, and just welcomed grandson #2) I can relate only I have all the girls, I am just thrilled that my 8 yr old is so into the boy things. And CONGRADULATIONS JOLENE, on the new grandson!!!
Have still been busy with hubby, working, I am so proud of him though, just at how he does his work. I am proud of him solve these different problems and with great patience.
Just finishing a book called The DNA Of Relationships for couples by Greg Smalley and Bob Paul. Very good reading on marriage issues. I like that I get to read on the way to and from jobs, we do alot of driving, and I am so lucky to devour my books.

Well, it is late and I am very tired. More jobs tomorrow. Thank you for the sweet comments you all leave


Candy said...

Love the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I always said that if my children were going to be all the same I would rather have all girls than all boys...though, as one of 4 girls myself I always wanted a brother...I was the tomboy in our family!!


Julieann said...

Yay!!! More pictures--I love all the princesses:)