Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Disney Princesses

In all fairness I added one for my tomboy daughter. She suffered thru all the Princess stuff, I thought I would add this one for her.

This daughter is the closest I'll ever get to a boy. I was reading Jolene Georges' blog and she talked about not having the chance to do the girlie thing (she has 5 sons, and just welcomed grandson #2) I can relate only I have all the girls, I am just thrilled that my 8 yr old is so into the boy things. And CONGRADULATIONS JOLENE, on the new grandson!!!
Have still been busy with hubby, working, I am so proud of him though, just at how he does his work. I am proud of him solve these different problems and with great patience.
Just finishing a book called The DNA Of Relationships for couples by Greg Smalley and Bob Paul. Very good reading on marriage issues. I like that I get to read on the way to and from jobs, we do alot of driving, and I am so lucky to devour my books.

Well, it is late and I am very tired. More jobs tomorrow. Thank you for the sweet comments you all leave

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Working Hard and doing well

Here are more pictures of Disneyland

This is us with Ariel, my youngests favorite character.

Well, still working alot with hubby. We are doing well though. I am just not used to working so much like this, I have lost a dress size WOOOHOO!
The girls' are getting bored with summer. I can't say I blame them, after Disneyland, what else is there. I still have the scrapbooking to do for this vacation....yay!!

Hubby brought me home a box of peaches, my favorite, so I made two cobblers, and now I want to make jam.

Man, I miss all of your blogs, I do stop by when I can, I just can't leave a message all the time. But, I am still trying to catch up.

Gotta run.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our cat has gone to heaven

Remember this picture I posted maybe a couple of months ago, well our cat Cadillac Momma has past away, she was hit by a car.

My poor girls' took it very hard. We are okay now, it happened a few weeks ago.

I apologize I haven't been better about posting. My Father-in-law isn't working for us anymore, so after hubby and I talked about it, we decided instead of hiring someone, I would be his helper. I am so sore, but It really gives me a better sense of how hard my hubby works.

I work about 3 days a week with him, clean the house and laundy the other 2 days, and now work with a ministry in our church. I am learning alot, I have laid tile, painted a house, pressure washed a deck, and restaining it. Whew!!!
Thank you, to those who visit and leave comments. I appreciate it.

CHRIS----leave me your blog address, i can't find it, i miss you!