Thursday, June 14, 2007

7 more days

7 days until we leave for vacation. Oh, i am getting so excited.
I have been a little distracted though, first I have still been working with hubby, we are done with that now, but now I am taking care of two children who were our neighbors.
please pray for Ashley and Skylar, they are 10 and 8. We got a call a few weeks ago from their mother. They had been evicted from their home, and they had a restraining order against their father.
From what i have gathered, dad has been dishonest thus far with family finances, has neglected to pay rent since January, has been taking the kids' lunch money, has been borrowing money from family-----all to support a drug habit. We sold him our old Suburban, to this date he has only made 4 payments and still owes us $800. He kept telling us it was because he was laid off, and couldn't make the payment.
Long story short, mom finally confronted dad on what his problem was, (she thought he was seeing someone else) she had the 2 kids in her jeep and he got angry and pinned her against her car--only he was in the suburban. She asked him to leave so he attacked her from his vehicle. Broke out her windows, and scared his kids almost to death.
She left him immediatly and she has their kids, luckily a friend of ours found her a house to rent, and their father is now living out of the suburban in a family members back yard.
Mom works at the hospital, she works 3--12 hour shifts a week, she can't afford child care, and I am the only one she knows who is a stay-at-home mom who can get the kids on and off the bus.
As you can imagine these two kids have alot of confusion and are now beginning to act it out. The daughter seems to be okay but the 8 yr old boy, oh my. And of coarse, I am not used to biys, so he is an eye opener. But he responds well to me, and my heart really goes out to these kids and their parents.
So, ladies I am asking you, if you could, please say a prayer for them.
Well, time to get my morning started and get a yummy breakfast cooking.


Julieann said...

WOW!! Those poor children. What is wrong with some people!! Bless your heart for taking care of them--I will say a prayer for them too.


Rebecca said...

What a sad SAD story.

What a dear woman you are, to step in where there is a need. I will certainly keep them in prayer-and you as well, as I KNOW that can be horribly stressful too.

Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip. Prayers for safe travels and returns and wonderful family quality time.


Heather said...

WOW!! THe kids must be ecstatic!! It's coming up really soon!
It's amazing and so sad what people will do when they're using drugs. When we were in our teens my brother was using drugs for awhile and it's so sad the things people will do to get those drugs....They really aren't themselves at all....
Not that I'm justifying this man...
His poor family... those kids.... his wife.... well... even him... it's a terrible trap to fall into...
I hope you all have a wonderful time together as a family!
take care!

Chris said...

I'm so sorry that it is the children who suffer in those situations...I will keep them in prayer.

I'm getting excited for you too!! This week will seem sooo long for you all...but it will be worth the wait!!

Chris said...

Only 2 more days to go!!!!

Colors of Me said...

Hi, I have been a lurker on your blog for a bit but this story touched me. Please let your friend know that things will turn out alright. With a lot of prayers and hard work, she and her children will be just fine. I have been through this and it is tough, but she did the right thing. I am now remarried to a wonderful man and have 3 more children with him. My girls have turned out to be the 2 most awesome teenagers around!! I will definately pray for her and the children. And have fun at Disney!!!!

Jolene George said...

How aweful for those kids. It breaks my heart children hurt by the ones who should love them the most. I'm glad you're there for them. A possitive influance is just what they need.