Thursday, May 17, 2007


No, this is not the spider that bitt my daughter. But, she did get a bite, and she had a horrible reaction to the bite. She had this visitor last friday evening. She told me about it
I thought it was just a mosquito bite, so i did pay much attention to it. But, then it kept getting bigger and she finally said she couldn't deal with it anymore. We ended up in the Urgent Care and waited for 2 hours. Confirming my thoughts that she had a reaction.
Now, me personally, I love spiders, I am in awe of the beautiful webs they spin. They are very fascinating to me. And coming from Arizona, I have seen my share of scarey spiders, Jolene knows what I am talking about. So the Northwest spiders do not scare me at all. My family is scared to death of spiders. I understand.
Well, got all 4 of the girls' autograph books finished. If I had my camera, I would show the pictures of them. But, hubby is out of town and has my camera. They turned out so cute. I am proud of the books, if I may boast for a moment. Kay the moment is up.
Well, I have laundry to do, and a pot-roast to get into the oven. Blessings everyone!


Julieann said...

I really don't have a problem with spiders either--but I am careful to make sure the recluse is not one in my home. My girlfriend got bit by one, and boy oh boy--what a nightmare that was:(
I hope your daughter's bite heals quickly!!!
I have laundry too--->Never ending:)


Chris said...

Spider's webs are beautiful....but spiders....arrggghhhh!!!!

I hope that you daughter is OK now.

I'm sure that the autograph books are lovely :)

Heather said...

hope your girlie's okay now! Do you have black widows there? We get some pretty big ones here... today my daughter picked up a snake... we thought it was a bull snake or garter.... we now think it was a rattler.... YIKES!!! I'm so glad she wasn't bitten.. it was really striking and trying to bite us but we kept out of range even though we thought it was harmless... oh dear.. more careful next time... no more picking up snakes!!!!!
how much longer til you leave now???

Jolene George said...

I agree that their webs are amazing, however I am so scared of spiders. My DH isn't scared of them though. I hope your daughter is feeling better...poor girl!
I would love to see the autograph books. :o)