Monday, May 7, 2007

Allergies, chores and a garage sale

Okay, i see I have had a hard time blogging. I did have two girls with head colds, and then I got it, oh the allergy pressure in the head is no fun. But, the upside of all of this is....we are finally having spring weather. And, in the middle of my head thing I decided to do weeding in the yard, I paid for that for a couple more days.

We have 49 days until we leave for our Disney Trip. We decided to have a garage sale to pay for the gas we will use for the trip. Gas here is $3.30 a gallon here, I think it has become a sin.
We did make $500 though, and I will have the garage sale again this week-end.

And the chores, well as I was cleaning closets out for garage sale stuff, I realized everything needed a good "spring" cleaning. Still working on that one.

Thank you ladies for your sweet wishes. We are all fine now, and getting our week under way.
Oh, I also got my older girls' homeschooling stuff into motion for 07 and 08 school year. Feels good to have that taken care of.



Rebecca said...

You made $500.00 on a GARAGE SALE?!?!? WOW!


I thought I did pretty good making about $150.00! That is amazing!

I am having a yard sale the first weekend in June and all the money I make is going toward my dream camera...I hope to have that in my posession sometime this year.

What;s your secret?!?

Chris said...

You did well to make so much at your garage sale!! But before you complain about the price of your gas remember it costs about $8 a gallon over here!!!!! I hope that you and the girls are feeling better now.

Love, Chris

Kelli said...

Wow!! It sounds like a very successful yardsale!

Heather said...

WOOHOOO!! $500?!?!? that's a profitable garage sale... don't think I know anyone that's made that much from one.. you musta had tons of stuff hey. That's great, it will sure help with the gas! Glad you're feeling better...being sick is such a drag! Congrats on the homeschooling!!

Heather said...

OH my goodness Chris?!? $8/gal. for gas?? where do you live?? I was thinking I had something to complain about with our gas prices here... I think it works out to about $4.50/gal here... we measure in litres in Canada.

Disney Scrapper said...

Wow, 500 dollars? Girl what did you sell? I have been puting off my garage sale for weeks but now you have me motivated. I can't wait to hear about your Disney trip. I hope to make it to Disneyland one day. Sorry about the allergies but glad you all are doing better. Happy Mother's Day.

Jolene George said...

Now that is an awesome garage sale. Now you do have gas money for the trip. I hope you're feeling better. and I hope you had a wonderful mothers day.