Monday, April 16, 2007

LOooong week-end

First, I want to thank everyone for your special wishes to my family. I am so very blessed, and thank you for sharing in our joy.
For the longest time TOY STORY was my favorite movie. I loved the innocence of the movie----B U T then CARS came out, and I found a new favorite. My whole family loves this Disney/Pixar movie. And my hubby especially loved it, it was finally a part of HIS world. My hubby loves cars, hot rods, car parts, all that stuff. And actually he has so far built 3 hot rods from the ground up. So, this movie is our "family movie"
And speaking of cars. This past week-end was the Portland Auto SwapMeet. We were there from Thursday till last night. We rent a spot, hubby sells car parts, tires and barters with other men on things I have no clue they are talking about. But it makes me love him even more because his eyes sparkle, twinkle and smile like a little boy with a new toy. My body is so sore. My back and calves ache, because you walk constantly. It is a very large swap meet, people from out of state come here with their own booths for this. But, I am happy, while we sat at the booth for my husband to make "deals" I got to catch up reading my latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine and my newest Creating Keepsakes magazine. Read both from front to back.
And now, because I was gone for 4 days, I have so much to catch up on. So I must get to work.
Blessings to you all!


Chris said...

That sounds like a fun weekend :)
Has the movie with your car in it been released yet?

Heather said...

that sounds like a fun weekend. Have you guys heard of the big car show called the "show and shine" in Penticton, BC? It's absolutely huge! It's all old hot rods, antiques and classics. They're so pretty!! We used to enjoy the parade they did past our house before we moved. I believe there are over 400 cars that come and thousands of spectators... a busy weekend for our little city!

Heather said...

Actually it's called the Peach City Beach Cruise as you can tell by the link.

Colors of Me said...

Hi :) My DH is currantly rebuilding a 1965 Nova. It is his new baby LOL!! He has already planned the cars shows for the summer. I love the movie cars, really all the disney/pixar movies have been great! have a blast in DisneyLand. We usually go down to DisneyWorld, but would love to get over to that side of the country. I have been there before and would like the kids to go too.