Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is it the end of the week already!

Okay, the kitty thing is a little overkill! But, I couldn't figure out how to stop it from repeating.

For those who asked, my dog in the shower is half chow chow & half rottweiler! He is the sweetest guy ever. And Heather, it was only in the 60's here. But, our dog gets so hot, I think maybe it is a nerveous thing too. We had alot of people here!

Okay, I also have had a LOVE/HATE relationship with our black rooster. He attacked me last Thursday. He got me in 3 places. I mean he punctured me in 3 places, they knotted up underneath the wounds. And they hurt horribly. The healing process has been long. One of the wounds is under my knee, one on the side and one on my outer thigh. Putting weight on them has been aweful. It has really worn me out, so i am lagging so much. Though, my laundry is caught up, and my kitchen is clean.

I have done the swimming classes with my hubby, it has been very relaxing. The personal struggle to get up at 6 to go work out has been stupid. I can pop out of bed at 6 every morning to get hubby ready for work, and girls fed and ready, no problem!!!!!!!!!! But to get up those two days to work out, what a struggle.

Okay now that I have bored you all. Many blessings to you all!


Heather said...

Have you had your punctures looked at by a doc? I wouldn't think that it should be making you tired unless it is infected...Have you ever heard of Tea Tree Oil?? It's AMAZING stuff! It's a natural disinfectant... it's anti-bacterial, fungal, and viral as well I believe... we seen some really incredible things happen when we use this! My hubby's thumb was stitched up and wasn't healing back together after 2 weeks(wasn't infected though). So he listened to me and put Tea Tree oil on it and in 2 days it had grown together and totally healed up! We were both really sold on it after that! If you want to you can find it in Health Food and drugstores.
love your kitties!

Chris said...

I had the same problem when I posted a smiley thing on my site...but I managed to delete some of them before I posted!! LOL