Monday, April 9, 2007

Another Manic Monday

Our poor dog was so hot over the week-end, I found him in the shower. Silly guy.

Okay, I see I haven't blogged in sometime. I had a very busy week, the girls were on Spring break, the weather was nice and we enjoyed it. I took the girls to the park several times. I wanted them to get out in it and enjoy the weather. I knew the forcast was going to change, so saturday it did, and it rained clean thu Easter night.

We had a wonderful Easter, my home was full of people, I love this. Because I had so many people, I had a Bar-B-Que Pot-Luck. We had hamburgers and had the others bring side dishes and desserts. It works out very well. The kids Egg Hunt happened in Hubbys shop because it was so rainey. They loved it though, and they each got almost $20 from they eggs they found. It was raining but it was a beautiful day!!

Okay, so now all those chores I let go during Spring Break week, I have to do them now. So, blessings to you all, and to chore time I go!


Julieann said...

Happy cchores--I am right there with you!!

You sure have a smart dog:)

Next time turn on the water..(LOL) j/k:)


Chris said...

Animals are good at finding the coolest place!! I'm glad that you had a good Easter :)

Heather said...

Easter sounded fun! The dog pic is cute... how hot IS it there... everyone else I've been reading about lately has been getting snow! Not us though... it's been pretty steady around 60' - 70'!! Yay--spring is here ...the flowers are blooming!

You've inspired me! I think I'll have to have a BBQ potluck!! It sounds like so much fun!!

Heather said...

what kind of dog is that?