Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Morning

Well, it was hard to get up. I was up at 6:05, just on time to be greeted by a local lumber co. making a delivery for hubby.

But, by 7 am I had 1 load of laundry done, 1 daughter off to classes and hubby fed and cleaned up after. A good feeling, thank you God!

The morning is getting of to a wonderful start. Except I went down to the basement bathroom---(the girls' bathroom) to gather any laundry, just to find the sink full of dirt. Hhhmmmm. These girls keep my life from being boring.

Pondering what to make for dinner, hubby is Diabetic, so I have to take into consideration the carbs and such, sometimes my brain is on such an overload with this subject.

Also trying to figure out what I want to do for Easter, decorations, table settings and menu.

If anyone has ideas, please, I am open to any ideas.

Gotta get the rest of the day going, and maybe if it stays on track I will actually get to finish reading my Better Homes and Gardens magazine!


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Carrie said...

I found you from a comment that you left at Pleasant View Schoolhouse. From the sounds of it you have anything but a boring life with 4 precious girls to raise. I am adding you to my favorites.
Have a wonderful day.