Monday, March 19, 2007

Trying to figure out this blog thing

Can anyone explain to me how I can download pictures to the left side of my blog and then pictures with-in my posts? I can't figure it out.

My youngest is so sick, she has been vomitting since 12 a.m. I am so tired, I am just too old now to get up with a little one 5x's a night and still be spunky. Luckily, she took a 3 hr nap and seems to be better. She wants to eat, but every time she does, it comes back up.

Anyways, thank you ahead of time if can answer my questions.



Candy said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment! We have another thing in common besides our taste in decor. ..We both like Elizabeth George! Her books are life changing, I just love her!
Im sorry to hear your youngest is not feeling well. I will say a prayer for her!
Im not the best with computers. Im having my blog "made". I tried all afternoon to try to install a picture for my profile but ended up messing up my computer and had to un-install some programs...oh what a mess I made. :)
But I do know how to post pictures within a post.
This is what I do, and hopefully I can explain it alright:
When you go to post, you will see a little blur box on the top near the "ABC" spelling check. Click on the square box (to add an image/picture) and a window will then pop up. Click on "browse" and that will bring you into your computer so you can find your picture. WHen you found the picture you want, click on your picture and wait a second and then it will tell you to click on "upload image" and once thats done, click "done" and thats it.
Hope that explained it ok...

Candy :)

Heather said...

sounds good Candy! It's nice to see someone else is where I was a couple of weeks ago...or less! I don't think you can put pics on the left side...
Have fun...hope your little darlin is better soon.

Rebecca said...

Well, since the only part I know about has already been explained...I hope your little one feels better soon!