Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello! I am in the blogging world

Hello all! I am excited to finally have a blog. I have been lurking around my favorite Blogs for about 2 yrs. I have decided to get brave and start one myself. And I apologize if it becomes boring. It's not boring for me, I am a stay-at-home mom with 4 daughters.My hubby and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary on Friday the 16th. My life is blessed, I need to always remember that when I want to pull my hair out because the hubby is grumpy or the girls are being dramatic and fighting, the roosters are fighting or maybe when the goats get out of their pen and I look like an idiot getting them back in!

Right now I homeschool just 2 of my girls, I tried all four but I got very overwhelmed. I have to school them by myself, and at this point I can't do it, but I will have all 4 home in the next few years. My parents live in Arizona and my wonderful In-Laws are just too mature in age to handle my girls in this manner! I love homeschooling, I love being with my girls. My girls are 12, 10, 8 and 5. They are all very different, full of life and dramatic!

Okay well, it is now 11 pm here and I get up at 6 am, so I need to go to bed.

Rom 15:13

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Searching For a Meaning said...

Congratulations on becoming a "blogger".

I sincerely hope you derive as much pleasure as I do from blogging.

I am new to the scene and have been encouraged and amazed at the many talented bloggers and enjoyed the comments received as well as placing too.

Good luck and enjoy.

Every good wishes and blessings to all from Scotland.