Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another Sick Girlie

Okay, well now my 8 yr old has this weird stomach thing. She started hers right about 6 pm, just as I was getting the 5 yr old all cleaned up and ready for bed. YUCKY!!!

In Him


Candy said...

Ohh Im so sorry to hear that another of your girls is not feeling well. I will pray for her,


Jungle Mom said...

Sorry for the sick ones. I followed you here from my sister, Pam's blog. Like your title!

Sharon Kay said...

Hope your little ones are better real soon. They are in my prayers. Thanks for the visit to Amelia Rose Cottage. I got the bedding from a book called Domestications. I think they have an on line store also. Sharon K

shekinahhvac said...

Oh thank you for the prayers ladies. I appreciate it. The girls seem to be at peace right now.

Julieann said...

Oh No!!! Sending lot sof get well vibes!!!~~~~~~>