Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Animal Pictures for Rebecca

This is our Peacock, he is sleeping on the dog run.

This is my Chow Chow watching over the chicks and ducklings, he was so motherly to them all. He never once bothered them.

this is my youngest with one of our pygmy goats. This is Midnight and he has a brother named Mocha, they are my favorite of all our animals, they are so sweet, their personalities are so sweeeeeet.
Rebecca, I am sorry, I thought I had updated pictures os the ducks, I haven't gotten them downloaded yet. I'll do that soon.
I am here with 3 sick girls now, and have had my fill of "The Little Mermaid" but 2 of the 3 girls are so in love with her right now.
All 4 of us had a little prayer session, my 5 yr old was praying that the Lord would heal everyone including the animals. I just love to listen to children pray, there is such an innocence but also a depth that is so dear.
I am heading off to see if I can talk someone into taking a nap with me.


Carrie said...

I hope your babies are all feeling better soon.
Love the animal pics!

Julieann said...

Love the pictures!!! Aren't children's prayers just the best!!!


Kelli said...

I love your pictures, too! Your peacock is beautiful and the baby chicks are so cute! I hope your little ones feel better soon!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for posting all these! And with three kiddos sick, no less! My goodness!

When I was growing up we had goats-not pygmy's-but I did SO love them. I would love to have them again. I pray fervently EVERY DAY (well, realistically, often throughout the day!) that the Lord will soon provide us with a PERMENANT home instead of having to move all the time and we can live out our dreams for animals and such. Until then, I must practice patience AND contentedness...MUST...BE...CONTENT! ;-)

I LOVE the peacock. Is it friendly? Will it come up to you? That is so neat.

Candy said...

Still praying for your girls!
Love the pictures :)