Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeling Better

This is a picture of our Peacock. I am the only one that he will eat food from. But, I have worked really hard to be his "friend"

The picture on the right is from Feb. when we had a big snow, he just perches on the front deck and thats' where he stays, even in the snow.

Well, I am feeling better, I got hit fast by this one. My hubby had it over the week-end and I got right after him. I had a high fever also, because Wed morning I swore my husband was building something onto the house, I got out of bed to ask him to stop making so much noise, but couldn't find him, so I thought maybe he was on the front deck, nope not there either, so I gave up and went to bed, and was still irritated because the hammering was so loud. Later i asked him what he was building, and he said he hadn't been home all day. Weird!

I am working to get our home in order because My hubby and I have been given the opportunity to go to a retreat, all expenses paid. We are leaders in our church and they have these as refreshing for leaders. The church called, and said because of all the "health" issues we had gone thru, they wanted to see us go to this retreat, we can't afford it, so they are taking care of that for us. My In-Laws are taking the girls for us---- woohoo! We leave tomorrow and come back on sunday.

So until then, all of you be blessed and happy spring!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Please pray for me. I was up all night and was puking so much I feel like I broke all o f my ribs. My eyes ae bloodshot too, YUCKY!
Praying everyone else outthere is healthy!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Our week-end was soooo busy. I was down to 1 sick girlie and a sick hubby all week-end. But, hubby pushed himself to serve at church, and to entertain church guests on Sunday afternoon.

Hubby did rest in between times and is now doing great, I have been tired but am just glad the "sick bug" is out of my home.

I was able to do a little more working in the yard, our Sunday was amazing. No rain and the temperature was 60', it was perfect. I did more cleaning out flower boxes and trimming different bushes.

Isn't it wonderful to see the pretty flower popping up everywhere, and isn't it delightful to see the trees in bloom. it's been a long cold winter here, I am so ready for some beautiful weather.

I hope that everyone had a beautiful and prosperous week-end as we did.

Oh, and I was re-reading the Elizabeth George book "Beautiful in God's Eyes" this book seems to get more delightful the more I read it. I was very encouraged when I read the part of the book where she reminds us that the Proverbs 31 woman didn't develope overnight, she developed over time. I love that. She learned as she went along, just as all of us are learning, the key here for me "she learned".

Okay, I have to go to bed, my hubby has signed us up at the YMCA to do Water work-outs, I am thrilled, this will push me to do what I NEED to DO! But, we leave early!

In love & laughter

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beautiful Thursday

My 4 girls are feeling better today. They are each recovering slowly, but recovery.

Early today I was able to clean off my private deck (its off the masterbedroom) I cleaned out the flower boxes and swept the deck, cleaned the porch swing up. Now I can't wait to get everything planted, but rain is back in the forcast for the week-end.

So a project for another day! Later in the day I helped hubby do some work. We own a remodeling business and the stress of it is causing health problems for hubby. The Dr. has aske my hubby to try to handle his stress better. He has Diabetes and Hypertension, so when his Blood numbers go up, his health goes down. So, I have been challenged to help him with the physical jobs, to help reduce the stress. I have helped several times, just little things, but he said to me today that it was a big blessings to him, and that is what makes it worth it.

This picture is for Rebecca. This is my Duck Couple. They dark one is the male and white is the female. This was taken in Feb. after a big snow.

The ducks loved the snow as where the goats hated it.

Well, I am off to bed.

Many Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Animal Pictures for Rebecca

This is our Peacock, he is sleeping on the dog run.

This is my Chow Chow watching over the chicks and ducklings, he was so motherly to them all. He never once bothered them.

this is my youngest with one of our pygmy goats. This is Midnight and he has a brother named Mocha, they are my favorite of all our animals, they are so sweet, their personalities are so sweeeeeet.
Rebecca, I am sorry, I thought I had updated pictures os the ducks, I haven't gotten them downloaded yet. I'll do that soon.
I am here with 3 sick girls now, and have had my fill of "The Little Mermaid" but 2 of the 3 girls are so in love with her right now.
All 4 of us had a little prayer session, my 5 yr old was praying that the Lord would heal everyone including the animals. I just love to listen to children pray, there is such an innocence but also a depth that is so dear.
I am heading off to see if I can talk someone into taking a nap with me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Another Sick Girlie

Okay, well now my 8 yr old has this weird stomach thing. She started hers right about 6 pm, just as I was getting the 5 yr old all cleaned up and ready for bed. YUCKY!!!

In Him


My 5 yr old had to take several baths today. After losing lunch a few times. The hardest thing is that she has natural curly hair, and she hates to have her hair combed out. The faces she makes are so hilarious, so I thought I would share a few.

I have to use a very expensive hair solution to help comb out those curls. It smells really good but it is expensive. But, I must say it is the best stuff I have used so far.

Here is the finished product. Now she is happy!


Sick girl and sleepy kitty!

When I went upstairs to check on my 5 yr old, this is what I found, she put her kitty "to bed"
and that little kitten stayed there for hours.

Well my baby is still sick. Not as bad as yesturday , She did sleep thru the night Praise The Lord. She thought she was gonna be fine, but then out of the blue she says "Mom I feel nasty"

And I just laughed, you know the mommy laugh we have when they are so dang cute you just laugh.

I did help hubby paint an entry way ceiling for a customer this morning, he was wanting to get it done and move on to the next job, our little one that is sick layed in the van seat so I could help daddy. After we were done, hubby asked her if she could eat and she said in a very serious tone to her dad, "Yes, Pizza will make me feel much better" no she didn't eat pizza when we got there, she had soup and crackers.

Well, the rain came back, boohoo, I was hoping to work in the yard a bit. I am such a sissy, I hate to work in the rain.

Well, that is all for now. I guess I should get some laundry done, my least favorite chore.

Blessings to everyone!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trying to figure out this blog thing

Can anyone explain to me how I can download pictures to the left side of my blog and then pictures with-in my posts? I can't figure it out.

My youngest is so sick, she has been vomitting since 12 a.m. I am so tired, I am just too old now to get up with a little one 5x's a night and still be spunky. Luckily, she took a 3 hr nap and seems to be better. She wants to eat, but every time she does, it comes back up.

Anyways, thank you ahead of time if can answer my questions.


An Amazing Week-end

Our week-end was amazing. Saturday was so beautiful. It was 70' here. I cleaned off both front and back decks, and got my flower boxes cleaned out and ready to plant some pretties.

Hubby washed cars, and the girls' helped clean up our yard. It was awesome.

We attend Saturday night services at our church. Hubby is head Usher, so we attend then. It was a great service, as always.

Sunday, we all slept in, and then we took the girls' on a pick nick to "Battleground Lake" after eating, we hiked around that lake. It was beautiful.

Have any of you visited the Pleasant View Schoolhouse? I just love this blog, I think Anna is my hero. If you have a chance check her blog out, I am there everyday.

Blessings everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Eat your Way to a Better Marriage

Don't you just love that title? My hubby and I signed up for a 6 week dinner thing. It is called Eat Your Way to a Better Marriage. We are being mentored by a couple married 49 yrs. It is a lot of fun. We have dinner and watch a comedy video on the differences between hubands and wives. It is Christ centered, and I think it is so fun.

So last night was week 2, and the meal was great and the video was so funny! Anyways.

Mr. Shekinah and I are celebrating our 16th Anniversary today! 16 years wow!

Those who have been commenting, thank you, I appreciate that you are taking the time to communicate with me.

Blessings to you all

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Call from an Old Friend

Yesturday as I was picking everyone up after activities, my hubby called and said that my friend called. I haven't heard from her in a year. I was thrilled.

I called her back and we were able to talk for about an hour. then she invited me to go to AppleBee's for salad and iced tea, hubby was like go ahead, we'll have pizza and play X-box.

So, we were together there for 3 and half hours. We talked about everything. I don't get much girlfriend time at all, so this was so nice to have a talk without geting interupted 100 times by little girls or husbands. The only problem is I didn't get into bed until 11 pm so it was very hard getting up this morning at 6. And it was so cold this morning, 35 degrees here at my home. Brrrr.

Gotta get going, I have a Bunney's cage to clean out, all the bathroom floor rugs to launder, menu planning, and to do schooling.

Many Blessings to those who find themselves here at my Blog. Thank you for taking time to read my posts.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday Morning

Well, it was hard to get up. I was up at 6:05, just on time to be greeted by a local lumber co. making a delivery for hubby.

But, by 7 am I had 1 load of laundry done, 1 daughter off to classes and hubby fed and cleaned up after. A good feeling, thank you God!

The morning is getting of to a wonderful start. Except I went down to the basement bathroom---(the girls' bathroom) to gather any laundry, just to find the sink full of dirt. Hhhmmmm. These girls keep my life from being boring.

Pondering what to make for dinner, hubby is Diabetic, so I have to take into consideration the carbs and such, sometimes my brain is on such an overload with this subject.

Also trying to figure out what I want to do for Easter, decorations, table settings and menu.

If anyone has ideas, please, I am open to any ideas.

Gotta get the rest of the day going, and maybe if it stays on track I will actually get to finish reading my Better Homes and Gardens magazine!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello! I am in the blogging world

Hello all! I am excited to finally have a blog. I have been lurking around my favorite Blogs for about 2 yrs. I have decided to get brave and start one myself. And I apologize if it becomes boring. It's not boring for me, I am a stay-at-home mom with 4 daughters.My hubby and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary on Friday the 16th. My life is blessed, I need to always remember that when I want to pull my hair out because the hubby is grumpy or the girls are being dramatic and fighting, the roosters are fighting or maybe when the goats get out of their pen and I look like an idiot getting them back in!

Right now I homeschool just 2 of my girls, I tried all four but I got very overwhelmed. I have to school them by myself, and at this point I can't do it, but I will have all 4 home in the next few years. My parents live in Arizona and my wonderful In-Laws are just too mature in age to handle my girls in this manner! I love homeschooling, I love being with my girls. My girls are 12, 10, 8 and 5. They are all very different, full of life and dramatic!

Okay well, it is now 11 pm here and I get up at 6 am, so I need to go to bed.

Rom 15:13